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I love it!! Andrew McGehean Hi Jason, can't seem to find your group on facebook.?

Kodėl „“ akcijos sumažėjo 27% praėjusį mėnesį?

Open in chrome to translate. About to subscribe on my third one. You got three subscribers with one person. You the real MVP. Dan S. Bluesphere is now a scam. Try to talk to someone at Bluesphere.

Find the many lawsuits against them. Find out that they do not operate from their stated office anymore. All of these LTwhite videos show people quoting from old info on the website.

How to add Bitcoin to your TD Ameritrade Account with Prince Dykes

I challenge you to find something current. Get out of Bluesphere while you can.

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I checked them out in detail. The info I found was quite disturbing. Sure this seems like a noble idea to turn trash into energy. It works well in Brazil. Unfortunately, lots of you will lost your money on Bluesphere.

I know. I did the real research.

Phillip Abrams Jason when we getting next blsp video!? Ykno we waiting for you lol Thanks always! Chronicles of Jilles With gevo wanting to get into Anaerobic green energy like blsp will it hurt their chances of getting bigger in the U.

I can hear those paper hands folding. Rising tide.

Ar asmuo gali pirkti ir parduoti atsargas be akcijų brokerio?

Michael Dentzer Where can I buy blue sphere? Tung Dang Go Green for the Earth!

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Over the counter stock. Thank you for the comment.

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Good luck on your YT journey. Jayaramu Palisetty What brokerage allows it?

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Arthur Merla Did we get played? I read Reddit made it go up like Gamestop. Geeze, we may need to sell asap if so?? Can you buy on charles schwab? No fees. OTC pink all day. Glo Walt I haveand holding! Not sure if you found it or not, but csimarket. Curious on your thoughts.

Keep up the great work by the way. If it happens, great.

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More time to buy cheap. Thanks for the comment and the sub! Effectsmen What? New Subscriber here. Good luck everybody.

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Richard Morales I bought another 35k and reached k. My cost average is.

Kodėl „“ akcijos sumažėjo 27% praėjusį mėnesį? - Investuoti

But Fidelity or WeBull will not let me buy Not too late Maurice Harris I bought 10, shares today, I'd love to see where this is going. I ameritrade bitcoin super bowl buy another 10, shares tomorrow.

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Rocket fuel is loading. D D more curious than anything, what's everyone holding?

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  • Didžioji dalis kritimo įvyko per keturias prekybos dienas mėnesio viduryje, tačiau internetinės mažmeninės prekybos mažėjimo priežastys niekada nebuvo aiškios.
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Jason Dacumos Are we still expecting a short attack? In one of these videos I posted the screen shots of citron laddering us down and shorting us. I'm not worried. We have unbelievable volume and momentum. Once this hits mainstream I ameritrade bitcoin super bowl that you're spreading the word too, man.

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Keep grinding, enough room for all of us. MMEX is another great play Once smarter energy takes a hold and is more affordable as technology progresses, there won't be any turning back.

It all comes down to affordability and efficiency. Neither side cares about anything else.

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Just as you want to make money so do they. Also, no the USA is definitely NOT the worst, but building a cleaner planet together as a global effort is a good goal. Looks so beautiful!

Robo patarėjai su mažiausiais mokesčiais

You explain things well and you keep it concise. Thank you for the nice comment! Want to keep adding!! Diamond hands group They are " dark" ameritrade bitcoin super bowl financial filings? One of my videos explains all the positives of doing this. You should make a video that explains what are you think it will take for them to get out of the dark and for them to be required to start filing financial reports with the SEC, and what are the minimum requirements for them to approve of going dark.

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Saw a sell-off today, but survived